All noticable changes which impact the end user (you) will be noted here.


Application UI

  • Fixed the pagination to allow for more numbers


Blade Application UI

  • First release

Application UI

  • Renamed "Web Application UI" to "Application UI"
  • Added List variants
  • Improved Dropdown contrast for light backgrounds
  • Improved Popover contrast for light backgrounds
  • Categories made more specific to enhance search experience
  • Changed all background specific values (bg-blue-100, bg-gray-100) to transparent values (bg-blue-500/10, bg-gray-500/5)


Web Application UI

  • Added Dropdowns
  • Added Navbar layouts
  • Added Sidebar layouts
  • Added Form layouts
  • Added New Collapsible
  • Modified Pagination to improve consistency
  • Modified Navbar items to resemble pills and avoiding layout shift
  • Modified Inputs to improve color consistency and legibility
  • Modified Sidebars to contain less logic (see Sidebar layouts)
  • Removed unnecessary composition classes (transform, backdrop) See Tailwind CSS release notes
  • Removed unnecessary opacity classes (are now replaces with bg-white/10 shorthand syntax) See Tailwind CSS release notes
  • Removed backdrop filter and transparency from many components to improve performance, color consistency, and legibility
  • Removed double shadow from pop-over for consistency
  • Removed gray Navbar style for consistency
  • Fixed light Sidebar focus state
  • Fixed Collapsible focus states


Web Application UI

  • Fixed Collapsibles hover state


Updated dependencies

  • "alpinejs": "^3.0.6"
  • "tailwindcss": "^2.2.2"

Web Application UI

  • Added Login page example
  • Added Register page example
  • Added Icon sidebars
  • Added Collapsibles
  • Added Tooltips
  • Added Popovers
  • Added Activity lists
  • Added Steps (Wizards)
  • Fixed Mobile modals positioning